The surprisingly affordable sustainable fashion brand that just launched in the UK and on Musa

Shopping sustainably has been a topic our society has been discussing for a while now. But after COVID-19, sustainable shopping emerged as the only solution to move forward.

With reevaluating our shopping habits the need to have a low impact wardrobe has become apparent. However, achieving a sustainable wardrobe could end up costing a lot more than just a regular one. 

Price points for sustainable fashion range from $$ to $$$$. Organic fabrics, labor costs, ethical conditions of work are just some of the costs that come into the end price. And it is all justified. It is all made with love and for the love of people and our Planet.

Here, Beatrice Bayliss debunks the myth that sustainable fashion can’t be affordable.

A few words by Emily, the founder of BEATRICE BAYLISS

Hi, I’m Emily the founder of BEATRICE BAYLISS, I was trained at UAL in London and have always been inspired by the natural world around us. I created Beatrice Bayliss to combine both my love for nature; it’s pure inspiration and protecting it for the future. Beatrice Bayliss feels like a person and it has become like my child, I am so happy you found us. The foundation behind this company is simple, fast fashion is incredibly damaging for the planet and looking online made me realise how little sustainable, transparent and affordable brands are out there. In response I wanted to launch a brand which had the environment at its heart but was still affordable for everyone. 
And here we are…

The brand

BEATRICE BAYLISS is your sustainable, transparent and affordable slow fashion brand, helping you help the planet.
Founded in 2020, BB believes in sustainable practices and creating beautiful pieces which not only empower women but also enhance the natural beauty around us.

BB loves to share and celebrate sustainable actions and invites you to discover their clothing. Their everyday world involves everything from sketching new designs and the fitting of new collections to photo shooting. They love sustainable practices and want to share their designs with you.

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