Chambray & Co.

Vendor Biography

At Chambray & Co. we combine modern aesthetics using the Indian woman’s inherited expertise in needlework to upcycle and recycle textile that has been spilled out of the system. We source discards from large textile producers and garment manufacturing units and use our craft to carefully piece the waste together, hiding the flaws and enhancing the products. Our products celebrate Indian craft in its true maximalist glory and also hold a promise of being worn, loved and even passed on more than usual products.

Started with a passion for contemporary expression of Indian crafts and from an intuitive perspective on ‘artisanal clothing’ at Chambray & Co. we celebrate the versatility of Indian embroideries while gently reminding the women of their roots & reviving their skills of needle work.

We encourage responsible consumption by disrupting existing supply chains and creating an alternate closed loop system of procurement, production & promotion.

The basic ideology of the brand is making sure we are not consuming way more than what we are contributing and taking care of the environment and the society so that they can continue to take care of us. In the coming year our endeavour is to tread consciously in every process of our manufacturing as we partner with underprivileged women across the country to co-create products focusing on small scale production

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