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Musa Member´s Club is the extension of Musa marketplace that blurrs the lines between fashion discovery, inspiration and connection. Musa is not only a place to shop fashion, but to find your musa. It is a place to inspire and be inspired. It is a creative, innovative and culturally diverse space that changes the face of fashion.

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Our members

The Musa Members are an alchemy of like-minded and digitally-connected people who share a passion for fashion regardless of country, culture, race, style or age. Musa brings  together a diverse mix of interesting and inspiring people from different worlds. Musa members are part of the loyal circle of Musa marketplace and enjoy loyalty benefits.

members' benefits

digital magazine

A lifestyle magazine that shares the behind the scenes of Musa brands and explores topics about all things fashion

style lab

There is what´s trendy, what´s timeless and what´s you. We publish the trendy and timeless and we help you with You. Musa members can send style questions and get outfit suggestions.

secret sales

A secret you would like to share with others. Sales are more fun, when unexpected and Musa members know that. We send a text with limited offers for our members only.

members only points

As a social marketplace we encourage platform engagements. 100 points when you sign up, 10 points when you review a product you bought and more. And yes, points are exchanged for pounds.

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