About musa.

we are

Musa is an expertly curated platform for fashion inspiration, discovery and connection. Our mission is to inspire people to shop their values and encourage brands to tell their story and mission. We scored the globe for the most unique labels and today MUSA is the home of more than 100 purposeful brands from all corners of the world. Australia to Bulgaria, Canada to India, each of them with their individual mission to make impact in their communities or for our Planet through fashion expression.

And we keep scouting the world´s most interesting brands and bring them to You!


Follow your favorite brands and never miss their new collections and promotions.


Share with your family and friends what you have discovered.


Create, compare, like. Find the best product for you. Save it for later by adding to one of your inspiration lists.


Interact with Musa, brands and other members directly through an AI chat bot.

our belief

We believe in creating a purposeful, inspiring and personal experience for our MUSA community.


Discover global purposeful brands.


Be part of an inspiring diverse artistic and digital community.


Personal shopping with just one click.

members club

Musa Member´s Club is the extension of Musa marketplace that blurrs the lines between fashion discovery, inspiration and connection. Musa is not only a place to shop fashion, but to find your musa. It is a place to inspire and be inspired. It is a creative, innovative and culturally diverse space that changes the face of fashion.

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and remember

BUY LESS. Ask yourself what you need and what you want. Try to prioritize accordingly.

CHOOSE WELL. This is our worry! We find the brands that offer exactly what you need and align with your values.

MAKE IT LAST. This is what our brands take care of! Our brands make a lasting impact not only in our wardrobes, but also in our lives and communities.

“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”

Vivienne Westwood