4 Designer Masks that will complement your look in 2020

Masks have been the must component to every outfit this year. Masks are obligatory to wear in many countries and have proven benefits for our health and coping with the virus. Many designers have created non-medical masks that are washable and reusable so that people now can play with colors and match their mask to their outfit. Our brand Carmelita Pascale has created 4 designer masks (and co-ord outfits) so you can start playing with some vibrant colors.

But first.

The benefits of wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Protect yourself. Multiple studies have concluded that wearing a mask offers more protection than not wearing a mask.
  2. Don´t spread the virus. With some people indicating no symptoms of COVID-19 or being in a prresymptomic stage, wearing a mask prevents the spread of droplets into the air that could infect others.
  3. Don´t touch your face. On average, we touch our face 52 times a day. Yes, we know, it is really that often! If we have touched something infectious, wearing a mask and accidentally touching our face will 

Nonetheless, wash your hands with soap when you go back home and after you take off the mask!

And here are 4 outfits that could complement your 4 masks. So, you can really make it fashion!

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